You are not alone. 

Individuals who are using prescribed benzodiazepine (Xanax®, Ativan®, Valium®, Klonopin®, etc) can find safety, support that supports YOU. There are other means of coping with anxiety and sleep issues.

Dr. Susan Jocelyn has created a support group that provides the opportunity to explore and discuss these issues in a safe space with people in the same boat as yourself. She offers a structured yet personalized program for you to free from the grip of accidental addiction.

Get your life back and know a new freedom. 

This program (Phase 1 of 3) has several steps aimed at preparation for Benzo withdrawal (5 Steps based on Prochaska & DiClemente Stages of Change):

  • Pre-contemplation

  • Contemplation

  • Active Preparation

  • Active Withdrawal

  • Managing Feared Withdrawal Syndrome

Group participants learn the "Nuts and Bolts of Life without Benzo's".
Phase 1 consists of 6 group sessions plus 1 individual session. 

To schedule a free consultation to determine eligibility for the program, contact Dr. Jocelyn today.

All information will be kept confidential.